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Making Dreams Come True

Owner of RLI Events. I started planning events in the early 2014 such as weddings and family matters. I quickly realized that this was a passion of mine. I decided to get certified with QC Events, this allowed me to learn the skills needed for planning social, corporate and weddings. While doing this, I also graduated McGill University in Bachelors of Education. In 2017, I decided to open my business to the world "RLI Events".  I did not stop there, I am now a part of the Qualatex Balloon Network, which allows me to use the best quality balloons for my Balloon Design! 

Brenda Barrera

Founder & Event Planner

Turning a Vision into Reality

Coordinator of RLI Events. I, Cynthia joined Brenda's adventures with event planning beginning 2019. As Brenda's sister, I saw all the fun it was to do this job, and I started assisting some events. Then, decided to join the RLI teams! I am also a Makeup Artist - certified by Annie Young, and a mother of two. 

Cynthia Barrera

Partner & Coordinator

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